Can’t Get Enough

October 9, 2020
Austins Groove, Redford & DiVine
Cravin' Records
Producer: Austins Groove, Redford & DiVine
Number of discs: 1
DiVine (Vocal-DJ) · Austins Groove, Redford, DiVine - Can't Get Enough [Craven Records]

Cravin’ Records
Austins Groove, Redford, DiVine ‘Can’t Get Enough’
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Austin’s Groove and Redford join DiVine for ‘Can’t Get Enough’.

Aussie sensation Austin teams up for the fourth time with talented Dutch artist DiVine, who featured recently on Simma Black. Fellow Dutchman, and another Simma Black Alumni Redford adds his considerable studio skills.

‘Can’t Get Enough’ is a tough, chuggy groove. Rubbery bass and strong vocals set this apart.

Austins Groove, Redford & DiVine have teamed up to create ‘Can’t Get Enough’. A feel-good Tech House anthem which appeals to both underground & commercial markets.